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Culebra, Puerto Rico

This pavilion for a local beach community at Culebra in Puerto Rico offers an interactive social space, picnic area, information kiosk, and changing room as an alternative to their run-down facilities from 1983. The existing conditions pose a risk to both the local users and tourists, alike.

The pavilion is a 7’-6” cube that is sliced into five adjacent 1’-6” modules that are sized for seating, shade, and picnic eating opportunities. Two of the 5 modules extend out of the cube to offer a changing room space, viewing frame to the landscape beyond, and an information map/kiosk. The small - scale intervention can be replicated along the length of the contour of the beach to instigate interest in a larger scale improvement of an area economically ripe for tourism.

In collaboration with Andrea Bauza and students from NYIT and UPR

2015 Spring | Pavilion temporarily installed on University of Puerto Rico's Rio Piedras campus

2015 April | Project exhibited during Symposium on University Research and Creative Expression, NYIT

STATUS: To be completed and installed on client's site this Winter 2015