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The Tensegrity Table

Finalist in the 2011 ACADIA parametric design + fabrication competition. The competition asked for innovative geometric forms that pushed the limits of design through the exploration of integrative material strategies for digitally fabricated assemblies at the scale of furniture, lighting or partition systems.

The “Double Deployable” table features a strong, reversible tensegrity structure enabling a variety of arrangements. POP the stand into a concave shape to sit around a table-for-two or arrange several concave tables into a long conference table with ample leg room. With a quick TUG, the base structure springs into a convex shape for a display table or to nest with concave bases to make a balanced credenza.

This table is different from typical tensegrity sculptures. It works at the scale of furniture, intentionally designed with 4 mm diameter rubber tendons that match 4 mm diameter steel rods. This makes the composition balanced and unassuming. To flat-pack the table, merely unhinge a few tendons to unroll the base. Re-assembly is just as simple. You can learn more about the project here .

In collaboration with Jason Van Nest.

2011 Finalist, ACADIA design + fabrication competition

2011 Exhibited at Kasian Gallery, Calgary, Canada

2011 “Competition Finalists,” ACADIA Conference Projects Catalog, October 2011