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New York, NY

With NYC’s population increasing, the negative environmental impact caused by automotive transportation and congestion on our streets, subways, and buses is also on an incline. The overall area footprint of street infrastructure elements on our city’s sidewalks is also quickly outgrowing its capacity. Sidewalks, collectively, are our cities most abundant public space. BikeBooth replaces existing disused, nearly obsolete, street infrastructure with a light, transparent, clean, visible, easy to maintain, illuminated, and sustainable solution for bicycle commuters. At the same time, it provides the city with an economic program that can generate revenue for future investment into a more environmentally friendly city.

BikeBooth re-uses the parts of existing curbside public phone booths, re-arranging them into a bike rack built for six (6) bikes with an overhead canopy, a neighborhood wireless hub, and built-in changeable advertising space. While the city generates significant revenue from selling disused phone booth advertising space, BikeBooth reinvents the advertisement allowing it to blend into the existing street view while offering advertisers a unique and sustainable way to attract clientele. The standard kit of parts from existing phone booths, re-constructed, provides an iconic, space-saving, and sustainable CityRack, a visual beacon to remind residents and visitors of NYC’s commitment to bike transportation and “green” infrastructures.

In collaboration with Jonathan Lee